Burning all over and I feel fine

When it’s good it’s wicked at the same time
Burning all over and I feel fine
When i’m good and wicked at the same time
Cruisin all over in Pink Sunshine

Hair and Visor: Wrigglesworth’s / Sun Visor With Hair – Available at Golden Years

Bikini: :::insanya::: / Micro Bikini / Metallic

Shoes:  No longer available

Skin: Golden Years / Abigail Skin / Golden

Head: LAQ / Scarlet

Shape: Golden Years / Sugar Sweets Shape

Body, Hands & Feet: Maitreya/ Lara

Pose, Chair and Cocktail: BellePoses / Girls Of Summer / 06

Trailer: Consignment / Open Road Collection / Trailer

Boyfriend: Cureless / Plastic Boyfriend / Albert

Flamingo: Consignment / Open Road Collection / Flamingo

Radio: Consignment / Open Road Collection / Radio

Saucy Novel: -RC- Cluster / Romance Novel / Down on the Farmhand

Lotion: Second Spaces / Beach Day / Dark Tan

Cooler: Consignment / Open Road Collection / Cooler / Blue

Burger: PILOT / Burger Meal

Lizards: -RC- Cluster / Florida Lizards (can you spot them all?)


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