Something a little different

Hi everyone,  I’m a member of The Blogger and Vlogger Network in Second life, which is a brilliant community, sharing help and advice for people who blog.  There are lots of brilliant members, and this year, they have organised a Secret Santa blog swap.

My contribution to the swap is to introduce me and you to a blogger I didn’t know before!

Let’s meet inkie Loudwater!

Inkie blogs over at Pixel Styles, and takes gorgeous pictures showcasing fashion, and home and garden, I mean LOOK AT THIS SHOT, isn’t it lovely!

You can check out the whole post here

I really admire people who can put together home and garden scenes like this, it’s so beautiful and full of tiny details it wouldn’t occur to me to include.

But inkie also creates brilliant fashion posts too!

Check the post here

Again it’s the details that make this picture for me, from the pipe smoke, to the alley cats, the outfit, pose and background.  inkie is a master of lighting too!

Now for those of us who love to blog, inkie also has a gorgeous sim, where she decorates to match the season, which I have used as the setting for my next post!  You can visit yourself at

You can follow inkie at her blog, and also on flickr

So inkie, I hope you enjoyed my introduction to my blog followers, and have a lovely Christmas!


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