Every storm must soon give way

The rage you feel, will consume you and destroy you
let this rage inside you die.
One day, you´ll find the signs in every motion
close your eyes so you might see
I will hold you still, every second of every hour.
Let your actions speak your will.


Nails: Astralia / Rock Nails – Available at No21

Hair: Tram / G0106 / Hud A

Bodysuit: .BF. / Kendra BodySuit / Black – Available at Whore Couture

Boots:  Reign / Arya Heels – Available at No21

Arm Wraps: Asteria / Vanessa / Black

Choker: COCO / Wrap Choker – Available at Uber

Rings & Bracelets: Astralia / Death Rings and Bracelets – Available at The Crossroads

Skin:  Genesis Lab / Mieko / Cappucino – Available at Uber

Head, Eyes, Makeup, Hairbase:  Genesis Lab / Eva Bento

Body & Feet: Maitreya/ Lara

Hands: VISTA / Bento Prohands

Pose: Del May / Boredom

Decor: E.V.E. / Dancing Poison Rain / Black, White & Silver Packs used – Available at The Crossroads


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