Public cervix announcement

Inspired by Shiloh’s Challenge – the response I see to acts of misogyny often includes ‘she’s someone’s mother, sister, daughter’ etc.  Fuck that.  The war on women that’s being perpetuated by Trump and his ilk is a war on every woman, regardless of who they are in relation to men.

I am angry, and my feminism (ew that dirty word) is about learning, because as a white woman, I don’t go through shit compared to my sisters, and I am happy to be schooled where I’m lacking.

But essentially

black women are important
brown women are important
biracial women are important
mixed race women are important
migrant women are important
lesbian, gay, bi, pan, poly, demi, ace etc. women are important
trans women are important
intersex women are important
young women are important
old women are important
disabled women are important
mentally ill women are important
chronically ill women are important
women from all around the world are important
every single woman is important



Just this once, I’m not including credits, as this isn’t a fashion blog post.

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