We are not your sinners

Until I see love in statues
Your lessons drill inherited sin
Parliament’s a fake life saver
You better wake up and smell the real flavour


Nails:  Koffin Nails / “Werk” The Spotlight

Hair: Hair: +Spellbound+ / Augustine / Chapter 3

Dress:  -tres blah- / Catcall / Black

Chest Piece: Cureless / The Twelfth Night / Exoskeleton / Gold  – Available at Arcade

Horns: [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Horns / Jade – Available at Arcade

Collar: [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Collar / Gold – Available at Arcade

Cuffs: [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Cuff / Gold – Available at Arcade

Tongue: [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Tongue/ Gold – Available at Arcade

Tail: [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Tail / Gold – Available at Arcade

Head & Skin: Genesis Lab / Nelly / Milk

Ears:  [CerberusXing] / Yule Lord Ears / Gold – Available at Arcade

Body, Feet & Hands : Maitreya/ Lara

Pose: Del May / Hippy Bitch

Decor: E.V.E. / When Atlantis Fell / Fatpack – Available at The Crossroads


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