Yearbook 2016

Last year, Strawberry Singh’s Monday meme was the Second Life Yearbook.  And looking at THAT post, I can see that my pictures have only got better and better!

For her 9th Rezday, the meme came back!

It seems I am coming up on 8 years in SL.  Which is ludicrous to be honest.  The way I ‘do’ SL has changed so much in that time, and thanks to an inventory deleting spree, I’ve finally let go of the bad parts.  Although my face is still not happy!

Here’s to another year!


Hair: Magika / Love Song / Hud 04

Shirt: Foxes / Vintage Tied Tees /  Available as part of Luxe Box 

Necklace: .random.Matter.  / Baroness Necklaces / Onyx

Septum: PUNCH / Split Septum

Dimple Piercings: PUNCH / Dimple Piercing / Steel

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo / Lidrium / 75%

Head, Skin, Eyes & Lips: Genesis Lab / Nelly Emotions / Cappucino

Body & Hands: Maitreya/ Lara

Pose: No longer available


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