When I saw this pose at Pose Fair, I knew I’d have to write a little something to go with it.

There’s been a lot of shit online and probably offline about ‘women like this’, sadly a lot of it is from women.  Amusingly, it’s from women who were happy to be paid to be naked, but are incredibly misogynistic about a woman who chooses to do it without being paid to.
The fact is, it’s none of their, or our business.  This is a woman who loves herself, turned a betrayal into a business, and has a family she adores.  Criminal right?

Apparently so.

In SL, there are now three businesses I will not shop at or blog for because of shameful misogyny from their owners, and I’ve lost count of the people I have removed from social media because of the bile in them.

You don’t like her?  No one is gunna make you.  But do not claim to be a feminist, or to respect women in any shape or form.  There are enough people putting women down, don’t stoop to it.

12799369_10153619376426715_8306295269394829383_n (1)


Nails: Adoness / Basics / Mono to Goth

Hair: little bones. / Meander / Blondes

Head: LeLutka / Mesh Head / Aria

Body & Hands: Maitreya/ Lara

Skin: Pink Fuel / Vera / Crystal

Pose, Phone & Mirror: the pose shop. /  mirror mirror 04 – Available at Pose Fair

All Decor: Consignment & floorplan. / Bathroom / Pewter

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