I won’t live long, and I’m full of rot

I am siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

I’ve succumbed to the lurgy that’s been flying round work, and what better way to let EVERYONE know that the Sickness AO from the ever wonderful RC Cluster, and the ridiculously true to life Sick Face from Nylon Outfitters that are both available at Wayward Winter.

Obviously, we need a gif of this!


The AO has walking sitting and standing pretty much like I am now, with a LOT of self pity and sneezing, just watch out for the vomit trigger!

I won't live long, and I'm full of rot

Hair: **DP**YUMYUM / Barber yum yum 73 / Black

Underwear:  Milk Tea / Isobelle / Black – Available as part of 20Twenty

Body & Hands: Maitreya/ Lara

Skin: Pink Fuel /Sora / Alabaster

Eyes: Mons / DualColor Eyes / Darkness

Makeup (?) : Nylon Outfitters / Sick Face

Pose: -RC- Cluster / Sickness AO

Bed: Trompe Loeil / Jayden Bed

Night Stand: Mudhoney / Anna Nightstand  – Available as part of 20Twenty

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