Dig In!

It’s the last few days of The Multicultural Menu, so make sure and go snap up all the delicious treats before they disappear!

I’m having a buffet party with some of the yummies on offer!

Dig In


Everything available at The Multicultural Menu

Tables: [hate this:home] / outdoor buffet tables


Pie: [hate this:home] / blueberry pie

Pavlova: Lark – Berry Pavlova Board

Bread: Unrepentant / Plate o’Poop Bread / Chocolate

Cookies: Kaerri / Anzac Cookies

Bubble Tea: The Horror! / Babal Tea / Bubblegoth Pack

Crumpets: Bliensen + MaiTai / Crumpets

Condiments: [Fetch] / Dimmu Condiments

Water: C L A Vv. / Fresh Water

Cheese Platter: Kaerri / Cheese Platter

Buns: BluPrintz / BBQ Pork Buns – EN

Quiche Platter: Kaerri / Quiche Platter

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