Watch out, here I come

So, I am massively inarticulate at the best of times, but bear with me. Or not, skip it, I’m indulging myself  anyway.

I think most of my friends are like me in that music, it’s kind of everything. It’s the soundtrack to our lives, it’s the singalong chorus to our highs, and the background to our lows.
Those hot sweaty seconds before the band walk out are my favourite, it’s like anticipating a kiss…everything is leading up to that big moment, and unlike so many of my kisses, it rarely disappoints.

When I fall for a band, I fall hard, my tattoos, ridiculous piles of CDs (how old fashioned) and stupid memorabilia are testament to that.

Then there are the times when you finally get to articulate to someone what that song they wrote in their bedroom has done for you. They are few and far between, and don’t often involve fangirl gushing, you get it, they get it, it’s a moment.

Watch out, here I come


Nails: A.S.S / Carmine / 1

Hair: Argrace / Saki / Black

Dress: Fission / Olivia Pencil Dress / Red

Eyes: Mons / DualColor Eyes / Red

Skin: Pink Fuel /Sora / Alabaster + Cherry Lips

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands / Casual

Feet: Slink – AvEnhance Feet / Mid

Record and Pose: Rack Poses / Vintage Vinyl – Available at Erotigatcha

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