You can wear the crown but you’re no princess

Another week, another dig at someone because of something that affects absolutely no one.

You know what, stuff happens, people aren’t friends anymore, there are fights, whatever.  Hanging on to such bitterness doesn’t hurt the target, it hurts you.  Because it shows in your face, in your actions, in everything you do when you let your mask slip.  And it will slip.  No one can pretend to be what they’re not forever.  One day it’ll crack and your true self will spill out all over the place.  But at least you can photoshop your bitterness for now.

You can wear the crown but you're no princess


Nails: A.S.S / Black Drama / Black French

Hair: Magika / Blame / Hud01

Eyes : Mayfly / Deep Sky Eyes / Darkest Onyx

Skin: Pink Fuel / Alabaster / Light Smoke

Outfit: Blacklace / Dark Delights / Black

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands / Casual

Pose: Rack Poses / Tonight You’re Mine


Hair: Exile / Adam / Raven

Eyes : A.S.S. / Vega / Ice

Skin: Labyrinth / Cernunnos / Pale

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands / Relax

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