glance around the room, to check that no one sees how normal you are

I am a person of very limited confidence.

I struggle with the way I look, the way I come across, the way I behave.

I assume people only talk to me cos I am there.  That my friends aren’t really my friends.  That ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ is a trick.

I wish I didn’t know why I feel like this, but I’ve experienced all of the above.

It makes me shy, it makes me hide, it makes me vulnerable, it makes me scared.

It doesn’t stop me wanting to talk to you.

It doesn’t stop me wanting.

pretty blind

Hair: Magika / Honest / [01]

Skin: Pink Fuel / Sora / Alabaster / Special Edition / Red

Blindfold: Illusions / Satin Blindfold

Lashes: CottonCANDYMonsteR / Natural Eyelashes / long

Pose:  Rack Poses / Hands Tied

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