Why do I SL?

I’ve thought about it a lot.  Especially recently, when I considered walking away for the umpteenth time.

When I came to SL I was broken.  I’d lost my mum, and had battled through that, not really coping, when someone I knew invited me to join.

I was on a terrible PC, and if you’ve been lucky to see the pictures I took then, you’d wonder why I stayed, half rezzed everything, barely able to move, being TPd from one standing position to another, with such spectacular chat lag, I am shocked I ever managed to hold a conversation.

But then there were the people.  Some of them float in and out of your life.  But some I have made friends I may never physically meet, but will be around forever.

Some of them, I have been wankered with in various hotels across the country.  (And will again soon YAY BUMDERS).

But then there are the other people.  The ones that lie, the ones that say what you want to hear while sneering at you from behind the keyboard.  The ones that leave you more scarred and broken.  The ones that take the tiny amount of trust you have and stomp on it.

SL has fixed me, and broken me in equal measure.  No one will know the true extent of the damage I’ve had done.  But then no one will know the true joy I get from being able to reach out from a place of sometimes crippling loneliness, to hear “Hiya you fucking slag”.

So why do I SL?

You tell me?



Joanna is wearing

Cardigan/Shirt: Sn@tch / Jessie Sparrow Cardigan

Hair: Wasabi Pills / Lisa / Night Shadow

Eyes: Mayfly / Deepest Sky Eyes / Dark onyx

Nails: A.S.S / Black Drama / Black French

Skin: Pink Fuel / Sora / Alabaster Natural

Makeup: Pink Fuel / Shimmer eyeshadow / Silver + wing

Hands: Slink – AvEnhance Hands / Casual

Cat:  Models Own

One thought on “Why?

  1. You’re one of the nicest internet wankers I know and I’m deliriously excited to be meeting you before you get banged up on an 8 to 10 stretch for violating Paul Hollywood xxx

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